Video 4: Mastering the Invitation

You are only one step away from earning your first check with Youngevity. Your job now is to get out there and start talking to people. And… by talking, I mean asking. Watch this video to learn how to master the invitation:

Video Takeaways

  • Determine the prospect’s needs
    • Use Tom Chenault’s Coffee Shop Conversation (get the ABCs).
    • Don’t “firehose” — (ask and listen).
  • 3 ways to share the message:
    • Tools: review recommended tools to match them to prospect needs
    • Events: check out meeting locator for local events or host your own
    • 3-way calls: leverage the power of 3rd party validation and learn how to edify upline properly
  • Master the invite (I recommend Eric Worre’s “Go Pro” invitation process):
    • Ask, “If I, would you?”
    • Ask, “How soon can you?”
  • Master the follow-up — (the fortune is in the follow-up).
    • Ask, “What did you like best?” to find out what your prospect likes/dislikes and what add’l info they need
    • Use “Feel / Felt / Found” to address objections and relate to your prospect

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