Video 6: Maximizing the Youngevity Compensation Plan

It’s time for the FUN part: you’re ready to learn HOW to start earning big. Watch this video to learn how to maximize the Youngevity compensation plan.

Video Takeaways

  • Defined terms:
    • Price: The amount you’ll spend in US dollars for any given product you choose to purchase.
    • Qualifying Volume (QV): Used to measure personal & team volume for qualifying and rank advancement.
      • Personal QV (PQV): Represents QV for your personal purchases.
      • Group QV (GQV): Represents QV for you plus your team’s purchases.
    • Business Volume (BV): Used to measure how we get paid; the number on which commissions are calculated.
    • Quick Start Bonus (QSB): The 30% commission you’ll earn — if you have an autoship scheduled for at least 100 PQV — on the BV of your personally-enrolled team members (that’s distributors AND preferred customers) for their first 30 days in the business.
  • Rank advancement benefits:
    • Deeper pay
    • Coding bonuses
    • Building your story
  • Rank advancement requirements:
    • RMD:   150 PQV + 3 first-level JIMDs
    • EMD:   200 PQV + 3 first-level IMDs + 1,000 GQV
    • SEMD: 250 PQV + 3 first-level RMDs + 5,400 GQV
  • Draw a bullseye on Rank Five: SEMD. This is the “Sweet Spot” of the Youngevity comp plan.
  • The speed of the leader determines the speed of the group. It’s time to BURST YOUR BUSINESS!

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