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If you’re just getting started in this business, here are the most frequently asked questions and defined terms you’ll need to help you navigate your Youngevity business.

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Q.  How does the “Find 3, Yours Free” Healthy Body Challenge work?
A.  The Healthy Body Challenge “Find 3, Yours Free” rules are as follows:
— First, you must be the enroller.
— Second, you must be an IMD (distributor with 100 PQV) or above and have an autoship of a Healthy Body Start Pack (HBSP) on file at the time of all 3 new enrollee enrollments.
— Third, enrollees MUST purchase a HBSP at their time of enrollment with the company.
— Fourth, all 3 enrollees must be brand new and all must enroll within the same calendar month. (So to earn this reward more than once, you’ll need to bring 3 new enrollees onto your team each month you wish to qualify, and each new person must purchase a HBSP at the time of their enrollment.)
— Fifth, any HBSP will count for this program, including CEO Paks which include any HBSP.
— Sixth, your enrollees can be either distributors or Preferred Customers.
— Seventh, if your autoship is scheduled to run before the 15th of the month, Youngevity suggests sending an email to to ask for the proper promo credit to be applied. (They pull their report around the 15th of the month to apply the credits, so the email to support will ensure your order is seen and a credit is manually applied.)

Youngevity applies the credit in your following month’s autoship. The credit you’ll receive is determined by the HBSP in your autoship. For example, if you have a HSP original in your autoship, that’s the amount of credit that will be applied. If you have a specialty pak in your autoship, Youngevity will cover up to $125.00 (and the credit card on file will be charged for the difference).

Q.  Where can I learn more about the Youngevity Compensation Plan?
A.  Bookmark the Youngevity comp plan chart and refer to it often. It addresses rank advancement criteria (personal volume requirements, group volume requirements, and structure requirements) as well as commission and bonus payouts.

Q.  How do I read the Youngevity Compensation Plan document?
A.  The comp plan doc is broken down into 4 horizontal sections.
—  The top portion lists the 11 ranks, left to right. Every CEO immediately starts at Rank Two: Independent Marketing Director (IMD). So does any $25 distributor who purchases 100 QV worth of products (for example, a Healthy Body Start Pak). HINT: We recommend you draw a bullseye around Rank Five (Senior Executive Marketing Director) in order to open up the infinity bonuses.
—  The orange portion lists the qualification requirements to hit each rank listed in the top portion.
—  The blue portion illustrates the residual income opportunity offered through the Youngevity unilevel bonus.
—  The green portion represents the bonuses offered exclusively to those who choose to enroll as or upgrade to a CEO.

Q.  What are the benefits to going CEO?
A.  There are many benefits to going CEO:
—  There are twice as many revenue streams offered to CEOs, including the easiest to attain car bonus in the industry and our lucrative coding bonuses.
—  CEO Paks offer the greatest value (over $600 in product value).
—  The $25 membership fee is waived when you purchase a CEO Pak.
—  Cruises, perks, and additional training events are open exclusively to CEOs.
—  CEO Paks are risk-free and 100% money-back guaranteed. (Simply return your CEO Pak within 30 days for a full refund, or within 60 days for a full product credit.)
—  Our business is all about duplication; others will ask how you got started, and you’ll want to start them out earning from the full compensation plan.
Click here for additional CEO benefits.

Q.  What do QV and BV mean?
A.  In Youngevity, we keep track of your business growth with points. Each product has a dollar (wholesale) amount, a QV (Qualifying Volume) amount, and a BV (Business Volume) amount.

QV is the most commonly used point value; we use QV to determine your commission eligibility, to measure your team’s structure and volume requirements for rank advancement, and to track your autoship amount for Quick Start Bonus eligibility.

BV is only used to measure commissions. In other words, commissions/bonuses are paid on the BV of a product.

Q.  Do we need to place a personal order to be commissionable?
A.   To be commissionable, we need to place a Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) order each month. A qualifying order starts at a minimum of 50 QV and goes up to a maximum of 300 QV depending upon the rank you’re reaching for in any given month. (See Comp Plan chart for details).

Q.  What size personal order do you recommend?
A.  For a new distributor, we recommend you get personally active immediately with a CEO Pak (or at least a Healthy Body Start Pak) and set a 100 QV autoship as soon as you enroll. This 100 QV autoship will make you personally active, AND will make you eligible for the First Order Bonus which pays 30% on the first 30 days worth of orders from those (customers and distributors) you personally enroll. Be sure to have your 100 QV autoship set for the following month before your customer/distributor places their orders.

Q.  Are we paid on our own personal purchases?
A.  Orders placed on your personal account do not generate a commission to you. But keep this strategy in mind:  It’s easy to “Switch Where You Shop” with Youngevity, and it’s common to need/desire products in excess of your Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) requirement. So once you’ve satisfied your PQV requirement for the month (depending on your rank), we recommend you place any additional orders under someone you’ve personally enrolled and placed at your first or second level so that you can earn commission on it. Ask your upline support team for additional strategic help with orders above your PQV requirement.

Q.  What does it take to rank advance at Youngevity?
A.  Advancing from one rank to another typically requires 3 things:
—  First, each rank requires a specific PQV. (See personal order question above for details).
—  Second, each rank (RMD and above) requires a specific structure (noted on the comp plan as “team”).
—  Third, each rank (EMD and above) requires a specific GQV-3CL (noted on the comp plan as “GQV”). GQV-3CL refers to your group’s qualifying volume in your first 3 compressed levels, plus any retail and personal orders.
Refer to your  Youngevity comp plan chart  for additional details.

Q.  What are Double / Triple QV Deal Days?
A.  The first Wednesday of every month is a Triple QV Deal Day. All subsequent Wednesdays are Double QV Deal Days. Deal Days offer an excellent opportunity to get 2-3x the normal QV on a specific product for the normal (wholesale) price. The Deal Days are announced each Wednesday on the Youngevity Facebook page, are only available for the product(s) listed, and are available (while supplies last) until midnight.

Q.  Is there any strategy to using Double / Triple QV Deal Days?
A.  In addition to saving money on your Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) requirement, many distributors take advantage of Deal Days to add extra volume to their organization. For example, hitting Rank 5 (Senior Executive Marketing Director / SEMD) requires 5,400 GQV-3CL. To achieve this volume, some distributors choose to take advantage of Deal Days to stretch their dollars further.

Q.  Where can I get help with marketing and business building tips?
A.  Marketing/business support will primarily be provided by your upline support team, but check the Business Resource Center for marketing and business presentation materials.

Q.  Where can I find product information?
A.   The Product Resource Center provides product catalogs, flyers, and scientific literature about our most popular products. We also recommend sending a request to join the Go Big. Go Beyond! Facebook group. Once accepted, you can pose questions, request testimonials, celebrate accomplishments, and join the conversation.

Q.  How do I set up an autoship?
A.   If you haven’t set your autoship yet, it’s time. Don’t worry — we’ll make it very simple.
1) Login here
2) Locate the colored icons under the purple bar
3) Click on the orange icon called “Autoship Profile”
3) Agree to terms (one time only)
4) Follow instructions to set up your autoship

HINT: When the long list of products comes up, press “Ctrl F” on your PC keyboard (or “Command F” on a MAC) to bring up a search box. Start typing in the name of the product you want. Applicable items will be highlighted so you can easily change the quantity from 0 to 1.

A few notes on autoships:

1) An autoship can only be set for the following month.
An autoship, therefore, cannot be set up to run in the same month. For example, any time in March, you can set up an autoship for April. But you cannot set up an autoship in April to run in April.

2) Autoships set for over $50 receive FREE SHIPPING.
How cool is that? (Answer: very cool.)

3) Autoships 100QV or greater are eligible for quickstart.
The quickstart bonus is a BIG bonus, so don’t miss it. It pays you 30% of everything your new customers and distributors order for their first 30 days in the business. Always set a 100QV autoship and you’ll receive free shipping AND your quickstarts.

4) Autoships can be edited online
As long as you are more than 24-hours before your autoship is set to process, you can go online and edit your order. I suggest setting a 48-hour reminder because once it’s locked in, you cannot change the contents of your order.

5) Cancel/Change autoships by calling Customer Service.
If you want to change the date of your autoship, cancel the service altogether, or simply put a 1-month hold on it, please call Customer Service more than 48-hours before it’s set to process. Customer Service can be reached at (800) 982-3189.

Looking for a shortcut? You can edit your autoship date if you login to Revolution and follow these instructions.

Q.  How do we receive payment from Youngevity?
A.  Youngevity offers 3 different payment methods for distributors:
a) Physical check
b) Pay card
c) Direct deposit

Q. How do we elect our payment method of choice?
A.  Youngevity’s default payment option is a physical check. To elect either the pay card or direct deposit, follow these steps:
a) Login to your Business Center
b) Hover over “Commissions” and select “Youngevity Prepaid MasterCard SignUp”
c) Click “Signup here”
d) Choose “Prepaid MasterCard” or “Bank Transfers”
e) Follow the prompts
f) Once the enrollment process is finished, you’ll receive an email confirmation.
g) The final step is to call Customer Service (800-982-3189) and ask them to change your payment method to Payoneer. NOTE: Your payment method will NOT change until you call Customer Service!

Q. Are we on a weekly or monthly commission cycle?
A.  Youngevity’s compensation plan includes both weekly and monthly commissions. Commission weeks close each Saturday at midnight, and weekly commissions (including the retail profits, Coding, Fast Starts and Quick Starts) are processed on the second Wednesday following the close of the commission week. Commission months close on the last day of the calendar month, and monthly commissions (including unilevel and car bonuses) are processed on or around the 15th of the following calendar month.

Q. How often does Youngevity send payments?
A.  By default, Youngevity sends checks weekly. Alternatively, you can elect to “accrue weekly bonus payouts” by visiting your Business Center –> Profile –> Edit Profile –> scroll to bottom and check the checkbox. (See note on accruing payouts below).

Q. Is there a processing fee for commission payouts?
A.  A $2.50 processing fee is assessed for each payment (regardless of elected payment method).

A note on “accrue weekly bonus payouts”: By selecting this option, all weekly commissions will be held until your monthly commission check is sent. This will save you $2.50 for each weekly commission check balance that is forwarded to your monthly check; however, please note that the last weekly commission run of the month will be balance-forwarded to the following month, meaning your earnings for the last week of a given calendar month will be sent approximately 45 days later.

Q. In which countries are we officially open for business?
A.  We are officially open for business — meaning we have a country manager, infrastructure, the ability to order products (though offering may be limited) and enroll distributors and customers — in the following countries: United States, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Barbados, and Singapore. We are working to open Columbia, Israel, Philippines, and Malaysia.

Q. How do I enroll a new CEO?
A.  Follow these steps:
a) Go to [yourusername]
b) Click on “Store” in the main navigation bar
c) Click on “CEO Mega Paks” under Categories on the left
d) Select the CEO Mega Pak you wish to purchase and click “Buy Now”
e) Click “Go to cart”
f) Click “Checkout”
g) Click “Get Started”
h) Fill out the “Distributor Enrollment” (including your SSN or EIN in the “tax ID” field) and follow through with the Checkout process, entering all appropriate information when prompted.

NOTE: The CEO enrollment automatically sets up an autoship order, so your new CEO will be qualified for the 30% Quick Start Bonus. If your new enrollee wants to change the contents of their autoship, they can do that in the Autoship section when logged into their account. It’s important they maintain at least 100 QV on their autoship order to qualify for the Quick Start Bonus.

Q. How do I enroll a new $25 Distributor?
A.  Follow these steps:
a) Go to [yourusername]
b) Click on “Store” in the main navigation bar
c) Click on “Enrollment Products” under Categories on the left
d) Select the enrollment product bundle you wish to purchase and click “Buy Now” (We recommend any CEO Pak for $499, followed by the IMD Healthy Body Challenge Starter Pak for $150, but if looking for an option with no products included, select the Youngevity Distributor Welcome Pak, choose “Buy Now” and hit “Continue Shopping” to add anything else to the cart you want to purchase).
e) Click “Go to cart”
f) Click “Checkout”
g) Click “Get Started”
h) Fill out the “Distributor Enrollment” (including your SSN or EIN in the “tax ID” field) and follow through with the Checkout process, entering all appropriate information when prompted.

Q. How do I enroll a new Preferred Customer?
A.  Follow these steps:
a) Go to [yourusername]
b) Click on “Store” in the main navigation bar
c) Click on any category on the left, and shop for whatever products you wish
d) Add items to your cart by clicking “Buy Now” and then hit “Continue Shopping” to add anything else to the cart you want to purchase.
e) Click “Go to cart”
f) Click “Checkout”
g) Click “Get Started”
h) Fill out the “Preferred Customer Signup” and follow through with the Checkout process, entering all appropriate information when prompted.

NOTE: If you wish to sign up a Preferred Customer without your new PC making any purchases, you may do so from your Business Center. Simply login here, click “Enroll New Associate” and follow the prompts. Select “Preferred Customer” from the entity type dropdown (leave SSN blank). Then select “Preferred Customer Kit” from the very bottom of the “Enrollment Options” list and follow through with the sign-up process.

Q. How do I use my replicated website?
A.  CLICK HERE for a company-provided document on replicated websites, your “store”, and how to use your online presence to grow your customer and distributor organization.