How to Invite

Once you’ve determined your prospect’s need and the right message type (a tool, an event, or a 3-way call), it’s time to INVITE your prospect to take a look at your opportunity.

I highly recommend using Eric Worre’s Go Pro invitation process. In his book, Worre suggests an 8-step plan which I’ve outlined below. But if all else fails, just remember the highlights:  If I, would you? and How soon can you?

Eric Worre 8-Step Invitation

1) Be in a hurry — There’s a lot of psychology here, but the most important tip is to avoid over-talking or “fire hosing”.

2) Compliment the prospect — Be genuine in pointing out one or two things you admire / respect about the person that would make you want to partner with them.

3) Make the invitation — An example might be, “I heard what you were saying about needing to start a savings account for your kiddos, and I’ve found a way to bring in an extra stream of income for my family simply by switching where we shop and showing others how to do the same.”

4) If I, would you — “If I sent you the same 10-minute video that caught my attention and helped change my family’s financial situation, would you watch it?” (Use one of the tools listed above based on your coffee shop conversation).

5) Confirmation #1 — Get the time commitment: “Great! How soon do you think you could watch it?”

6) Confirmation #2 — Confirm the time commitment: “Ok. So if I call you (when they said), you’ll have watched it for sure?”

7) Confirmation #3 — Schedule the next call: “Alright! I’ll check back with you then. What’s the best number and time for me to call?”

8) Get off the phone — “Got it! I’m excited to talk to you then. Gotta run, and thanks!”

In a nutshell, you want to have a brief conversation where you invite your prospect to learn about what has you so excited. Most importantly, you’re asking the prospect to declare their availability — they set the time commitment — and you simply confirm the time commitment and promise to follow-up.

Remember, if all else fails, just stick to the highlights:  If I, would you? and How soon can you?

Sample Script

1) Be in a hurry — Hi ________! I’ve only got a minute but I’m so glad you answered.

2) Compliment the prospect — You popped into my mind this morning and I remembered how much I respect your professionalism. You have a good head on your shoulders and seem to make smart decisions when it comes to business. I respect that.

3) Make the invitation — You know, I have always wanted to set my own hours, be my own boss, and make good money, but for most of us, the costs are high and the rewards aren’t! So, I went looking for a Plan B to earn some extra money on the side, and I found something I love, and I think you’d be great at it.

4) If I, would you — I really want to share this with you. If I sent you a 10-minute video about what I’m doing, would you watch it?

5) Confirmation #1 — Great! How soon do you think you could watch it?

6) Confirmation #2 — Ok. So if I call you (when they said), you’ll have watched it for sure?

7) Confirmation #3 — Alright! I’ll call you then. What’s the best number and time for me to call? And what email address can I send the video to?

8) Get off the phone — Got it! I’m excited to talk to you then. Gotta run, and thanks!

Recommended Tools / Events / 3-Way Calls

At the end of the call or as soon as you hang up, be sure to send them what you said you were going to send them!

Then be sure to follow-up to ask “What did you like best?” and use Feel / Felt / Found to overcome objections as we discussed in the Getting Started Training Video (How To Invite).