Recommended Tools (to Share the Message)

Your job is to be the MESSENGER, not the message. In other words, share your excitement and enthusiasm — share your personal story — but do NOT try to tell people all about Youngevity, the comp plan, the products, and the company.

As the messenger, you have 3 different types of message to get your prospects in front of:
1) a tool (see my favorite “first look” & business overview tools below), or
2) an event (check the corporate meeting locator), or
3) a 3-way call (click here for details on how to do a 3-way call).

My Favorite “First Look” Tools

Let’s take a look at the TOOLS now. Here are TEN of my favorites:

1)  My BRAND NEW video: Switch Where You Shop
      (great for consumption/redirected spending focus)
2)  The Wellness Wealth Now 10-minute video
      (great for business focus)
3) The NEW Youngevity Int’l 5-minute video
      (great for financial / investment focus)
4) The YGY Moms 3-minute video
      (great for moms)
5) Deb Bruckschen’s 8-minute video
     (great for Switch Where You Shop)
6) Jenni Smith’s 10-minute video
     (great for health –> business focus)
7) Dead Doctors Don’t Lie audio
     (great for health –> product focus)
8) Doc Wallach’s health assessment
     (great for health –> healthy start focus)
     (great if you don’t know where to start them)
10)  Mike Battistelli’s Voice-On-Demand (VOD) tree:  816-256-2892
     (great for immediate intro to a prospect on the phone)
     — option 1 – Brief Youngevity Overview
     — option 2 – Product Testimonials
     — option 3 – Business Testimonials
     — option 4 – Invitation to Join

Business Overviews

On average, it takes 5-6 exposures for someone to have enough information to make a decision, so once they’ve seen a short video and they want more info, I recommend a 40-minute business opportunity webinar:

1) Mike & Kate Battistelli’s Youngevity business overview
2) Deb Bruckschen’s Youngevity business overview
3) Jenni Smith’s Youngevity business overview

Other Message Types (Events & 3-ways)

In addition to sharing any of  the tools listed above, you can always share the message with a local business opportunity EVENT (check the corporate meeting locator), or a 3-way CALL with your upline.

Especially after your prospect has seen a 10-minute video, the webinars, events, and 3-way calls offer a strong follow-up exposure.

Ready to invite? Click here for How to Invite scripts and suggestions.